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Who is Osteopathy For?

An Osteopathic approach can help people with many kinds of mechanical problems associated with every stage of life. A newborn baby to an elderly person can benefit from osteopathic treatment as all techniques are safe, gentle and highly effective.

Osteopaths Treat More Than You Think!

How does an Osteopath work? Osteopaths consider each patient as an individual. They don’t just treat the symptoms that the patients present with. Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis & treatment which focuses on the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, & connective tissue & the way in which this interrelates with the body as a whole. What skill & qualifications do our Osteopaths have? All our Osteopaths hold a Degree or Postgraduate Degree in Osteopathy and are OCI.They combine specific knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical methods of investigation.

Common Questions about Osteopathy

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