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Here at MoreHealth we understand the importance of patient care. While all our Osteopaths are self employed they share common principals and each works hard to deliver great patient care as well as the results our patients need. Continual learning & development is also very important to our osteopaths as we enjoy being one of the first to bring our patients the newest techniques in Osteopathic treatment.

Our Osteopaths are all qualified at degree level or more and have gained a large amount of clinical experience. All are registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland.

Neil O'Connell

Neil O'Connell

I completed my Master’s degree as a mature student at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) and am thrilled to be back home to Dublin after many years working and studying abroad.

My tertiary education began with studying engineering at Trinity college in 2011. After two years I took a break to re-evaluate my career path. I have always been a keen sportsman and this had fostered my interest in mechanics, I was interested on the ‘why’ of function. I realised while studying engineering I was more interested in human mechanics.
I took the break in my studies as an opportunity to work in France and snowboard and surf as much as possible. It was while in France I encountered my first Osteopath, a recurrent shoulder injury led me to see him and I couldn’t believe the difference his treatment made.

He spoke about the body as a connected mechanism and ‘I knew’ I had found a system that I was keen to work with. Osteopathy answered the question I always had about my injuries over the years ‘Why this tissue and why now?’ To treat the body as whole is the role of an osteopath and one that I cherish!

In engineering we had explored the why…..A plant left un-watered will wilt due to loss of pressure within its stalks, a bicycle tire will stop rolling straight due to a fault within the spokes. It was this aspect of the Osteopathic approach to treatment that really engaged me, understanding the why really helps with treatment selection and efficacy.

My education at ESO has provided me with a diverse range of treatment modalities, including massage techniques, articulation, visceral and cranial treatments. I enjoy having tools that allow me to tailor my approach to each individual patient’s needs.

My background in engineering, combined with my extensive experience in sports including rugby, rock climbing and hurling, has given me a developed understanding of the human body and how to effectively treat sports injuries and improve performance.

With my holistic approach, I focus on not just the physical symptoms, but also on wider contributors to health. This can include sleep quality, nutrition, and sunlight exposure, to provide a well-rounded approach to patients’ health and wellness.

“The key to a balanced life is maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and leisure, and between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.” -Deepak Chopra

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein