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Here at MoreHealth we understand the importance of patient care. While all our Osteopaths are self employed they share common principals and each works hard to deliver great patient care as well as the results our patients need. Continual learning & development is also very important to our osteopaths as we enjoy being one of the first to bring our patients the newest techniques in Osteopathic treatment.

Our Osteopaths are all qualified at degree level or more and have gained a large amount of clinical experience. All are registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland.

Eb Schriever

Eb Schriever

Osteopathy is for me a fascinating way to understand the whole person and treat them. Our bodies have an amazing ability to recover and heal. At any age, Osteopathy can help this health potential to be supported and optimized to improve the quality of life.

My fascination with the workings of the human body began at a young age through sports and playing the violin. This taught me the importance of good posture and a healthy body, I was interested in how well the body works can influence our every day activities.

I have treated babies and children from early in my career and was lucky to work with a very experienced paediatric osteopath in one of my first associate positions. This experience fostered an interest in how the birth process can influences strains that can impede body function later in life and broadened my understanding of how the body works.

My partner had two home-births with the Holles Street Domino scheme. Watching and supporting her throughout her prenatal and post-natal journeys helped add first-hand experience to my academic knowledge of treating throughout pregnancy and childhood. Her breast feeding journey and struggles on both kids was insightful to how important it is for all structures in the body to be moving freely. Both kids were tongue tied and releasing was necessary for our eldest to be able to breastfeed. This started my journey providing osteopathic support to woman and babies with tongue tie difficulties associated with tongue tie. My eldest child is almost nine now and while those early days are long gone I recall how intense it can be for both mum and baby. 

I completed my five years of Osteopathic Training at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and have been working as an Osteopath since 1998. As a health care professional, I enjoy treating people of all ages and use a variety of techniques tailored to the individual and their presenting complaint. This means that the whole family can be safely and effectively treated for a variety of conditions.

I have an interest in travel and tend to combine my travels with continuing education and have taken many courses in the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland. I have a particular interest in the effects of the digestive system on the skeletal frame, the subtle techniques of Cranial Osteopathy and the connections between body and mind. This has allowed me to better understand the human body and when necessary incorporate these into treatment plans.