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Here at MoreHealth we understand the importance of patient care. While all our Osteopaths are self employed they share common principals and each works hard to deliver great patient care as well as the results our patients need. Continual learning & development is also very important to our osteopaths as we enjoy being one of the first to bring our patients the newest techniques in Osteopathic treatment.

Our Osteopaths are all qualified at degree level or more and have gained a large amount of clinical experience. All are registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland.

Eb Schriever

Eb Schriever

Twenty-five years later, Osteopathy remains a captivating avenue for comprehending the entirety of an individual and addressing their health needs. Our bodies exhibit an incredible capacity for recovery and healing, and Osteopathy, irrespective of age, plays a pivotal role in supporting and optimising this health potential to enhance overall quality of life.

My intrigue with the intricacies of the human body originated in my early years, nurtured by my involvement in sports and playing the violin. These experiences instilled in me a profound understanding of the significance of good posture and a healthy body, shaping my appreciation for how optimal body function influences our daily activities.

From the early stages of my career, I have been actively involved in treating infants and children. Working alongside a seasoned pediatric osteopath early on heightened my interest in understanding how the birth process can contribute to strains affecting later body function, expanding my comprehension of the body’s workings.

Having accompanied my partner through two home births with the Holles Street Domino scheme, I gained firsthand experience that complemented my academic knowledge of providing care throughout pregnancy and childhood. Observing her prenatal and postnatal journeys, along with navigating breastfeeding challenges, underscored the importance of free movement in all body structures. Dealing with tongue-tie issues in both children initiated my focus on offering osteopathic support to women and babies facing difficulties associated with tongue-tie. Though those early intense days are a distant memory, the recollection of the intensity for both mother and baby remains vivid as my eldest child approaches nine.

I completed my comprehensive five-year Osteopathic Training at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1998 and have since practiced as an Osteopath. As a healthcare professional, I take pleasure in treating individuals of all ages, utilizing a diverse range of techniques tailored to each person and their specific concerns. This approach ensures that the entire family can receive safe and effective treatment for various conditions.

Driven by a passion for travel, I seamlessly integrate my journeys with ongoing education, participating in numerous courses across the UK, USA, Australia, and Ireland. My specific interests lie in exploring the effects of the digestive system on the skeletal frame, mastering the subtle techniques of Cranial Osteopathy, and unraveling the intricate connections between the body and mind. These interests have enriched my understanding of the human body and enabled me to incorporate these insights into effective and personalised treatment plans.