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Deborah Conway

Deborah Conway

Deborah Conway updated Jan 2021

Is currently on a career break, for those of you familiar with me, it has been a long break!

Asides from keeping busy with the kids I’ve kept my palpation skills up by running and attending post graduate training courses for the Barral Institute in Ireland. The Barral Institute is a global health education, training and research organisation dedicated to the advancement of Visceral Manipulation, Nerve Manipulation and related Manual Therapies. After attending many courses with the institute I was asked to run the Irish satellite in 2008. For healthcare practitioners our course offerings are available here

I have honed my clinical skills by staying active in professional groups most notably international interdisciplinary groups discussing diagnosis and treatment of tongue tie. Both my children have had tongue tie. My eldest child was a steep learning curve both as a parent and professionally. Her failure to thrive diagnosed at ten days post-partum after a straight forward home delivery and around the clock breast feeding was perplexing for all the professionals I consulted until I explored my palpatory findings that her swallow was off, this led us on our journey with tongue tie. What a rabbit hole that was! I’m grateful that the knowledge I learnt has been shared with my colleagues at the clinic and has helped so many mums and babies since my daughter was born almost nine years ago.